meet the staff

Nate Nicholson - Chapter Director

Nate grew up in Highland Village, Texas and is a graduate from Abilene Christian University with a degree in Youth and Family Ministry. After graduating college, he attended the Kanakuk Institute in Branson, Missouri. Nate has spent four summers working at Kanakuk Kamps, where he discovered his passion for discipleship and working with students. He has also spent time working in youth ministries at the Branch Church in Farmers Branch, Texas and Woodland Hills in Branson, Missouri. Nate is positive and humble. He is enthusiastic about teaching the Bible and building relationships with people.

Call Nate: (972) 358- 4372


Connor Kraus - Men's Director

Connor grew up in Topeka, KS and graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Family Studies and Conflict Management. After graduating, Connor married his wife Hannah on June 6, 2016 and then they moved to Fort Worth so he could pursue a Master of Divinity degree at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Connor spent one summer working for K-Kountry and then multiple years within the youth ministry at his church in Topeka, KS. Most recently, Connor was the Youth Pastor for a church in Runaway Bay, TX. Connor is funny and honest. He enjoys spending time with students and sharing the deeper truths of Scripture in a fun and engaging way. 


Annie Kelly - Women's Director

Annie grew up in Dallas, TX and graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Communication and Religious Studies. She was raised as a Kanakuk and KLIFE kid and was a Fayetteville KLIFE volunteer throughout college. After graduating from the University of Arkansas, she decided to continue her education at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. Annie is in the process of attaining a Masters of Arts in Biblical Counseling. On October 1, 2016, Annie married her husband Matt. Annie is hardworking and intentional. She loves building relationships by coming alongside people in their walk with Christ and offering hope and counsel using the Word of God.


Holly Manahan - Women's Director

Holly grew up in Fort Worth, TX and attended Texas Christian University. She was introduced to KLIFE during college and throughout her four years at TCU she was a Fort Worth KLIFE volunteer which furthered her love for ministry and discipleship. After graduating from TCU with a degree in Social Work, she continued her education at the Kanakuk Institute where she grew in discipleship skills and Biblical knowledge. Holly is wise and fearless. She is a passionate teacher of the Word of God.


Emory Wall - Women's Director

Emory grew up in Colleyville, TX and attended Baylor University where she was first introduced to KLIFE Ministries. She graduated with a degree in Child & Family Studies and went on to work in Children's Ministry before joining KLIFE Ministries. On September 10, 2016, Emory married her husband Chandler. Emory is engaging and adabtable. She is gifted in discipleship and mentorship.